Promenade with these dainty florals and pretty pastels and be the ‘talk of the ton’ this social season!


Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

5x11 Pop Up

Embossed Roll

Color Brush Kit

Detangle Brushes

Detangle Display

Garden Party Switch Pop Up


Each sheet has a folded edge with a pre-cut length of 5” x 11”.

Alternating Colors

Perfect for distinguishing between highlights & lowlights.

500 Sheets

500 medium embossed foil sheets in each box for maximum value.

Stunning Pattern

Gorgeous garden party illustrations in full bloom.

Get the picnic basket ready, this flir-tea floral collection 

will bring your cottage core dreams to life this spring!
Whether it's foil, color brushes, or detangle brushes, this 

collection has it all. Spring has officially sprung!

Pop Up Foil

Embossed Roll

Color Brush Kit

Detangle Display

  • This dreamy collection is exactly your cup of tea. 

  • Fading softly from canary yellow to robin's egg blue, this illustration is truly a breath of fresh, spring air!

  • Romanticize your self care routine with this brush’s stunning canary yellow color and dainty floral pattern.

Detangle Brushes

Gently Detangle

Gently tame the most unruly tangles, preventing breakage.

Wet or Dry

Effective and safe for use on both wet and dry hair.

All hair types

Ideal for all hair types. Extension and wig friendly.

Beautiful Brushes

Bring on spring with stunning floral patterns in full bloom.

Garden Party - Switch Pop Up

Garden Party Embossed Roll


Comes with 320ft. in length of high quality foil, offering the best bang for your buck.


Custom cut foil to any length with this self-dispensing box, designed for ultimate convenience.

Embossed Texture

Embossed texture prevents foils from slipping so you can breeze through any service this spring.

Stunning Spring Florals

Get ready for spring with this flirt-tea foil featuring an ombre garden party themed pattern.

Tea Party Set

8 Brushes

With 8 color brushes custom designed for every service, this is a colorists' essential tool kit.

Pastel Colors

Beautiful muted tones and pretty pastels are the highlight of this garden party!

Wheat Fibre

Made from high quality, sustainable organic material.

Case Included

Includes luxurious PU Leather carrying case so you can travel in style.

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