Get in loser we're going shopping for the hottest collection of the century.


Inspired by early 2000’s realness, this iconic, glittery, butterfly collection is perfect for the stylist who’s ‘sliving’ their best life.

butterfly vibes

Elle Woods approved

Ugh! As If

Hey MTV!

Totally Y2K!

OOPS we did it again! The 2000's called; they want their collection back. BRB G2G update our MySpace status.

No paparazzi pls<3

With the hottest collection of the century at ur station, u may attract attention from the paparazzi. No mid-process pics pls!

The Y2K foil of your dreams? That’s hot.

A 5x11 Pop Up and Embossed Roll inspired by early 2000’s realness, this iconic, glittery, butterfly pattern foil is perfect for the stylist who’s ‘sliving’ their best life. Send the paparazzi into a frenzy and watch as every client poses for a selfie during their process!


500 Sheets

Butterfly Pattern

Nostalgic Packaging

Let's Roll!

Use the self-dispensing box with blade for cutting foil to conveniently customize your foil to your desired length. That's hot. Gimme More length! Framar rolls are perfect for servicing long hair with minimal waste. Grip me baby one more time! Embossed texture grips hair effortlessly, allowing you to breeze through any service.


Custom Length

Butterfly Pattern

Nostalgic Packaging

Glitter Detangle Brushes

These glittery detangle brushes must be TOXIC because we're addicted! Inspired by the queens of the early 2000's, choose ur fighter and tackle those tough teases!




Gimme More!


That's so fetch!

Glitter Big Daddy Brushes

These juicy, glittery color brushes R for stylists who played with Bratz instead of Barbies. Nuff said. 

3 Pack

The hottest trio since Britney, Paris & Lindsay.

Colored bristles

AccuSoft bristle technology now in 3 JUICY COLORS!

Sexy Packaging

Aesthetic, nostalgic packaging perfect for gifting.

Glitter Gator Grips

These glittery gator grips R perfect for sectioning the hair on UR Furbiez and Troll dollz. Clip me, beep me if you want to reach me!