Want help with your dirty little secrets?

CideKicks are Canada's very first
disinfectant pod!

CideKicks are a pre-measured disinfectant pod that drops into a standard 946 ml glass jar fit for your station.

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What you need to know:


Handle with dry hands


Add pod into 946 ml of warm water


Stir gently


Remove metal objects after 10 minutes

• 1 pouch = 1 jar. 32 jars in total

• Drop in, stir and watch it dissolve in 30 seconds.

• No mess, no measuring.

• One bag of CideKicks = a 1.89L jug of salon disinfectant.

• Saves on space and storage, with no jugs or bottles.

Best Value

CideKick Pods


$0.71 Per Serving

The easiest way to disinfect, period.

Reduce the shipping cost by 61%

Reduce c02 emissions by 92%

Reduce plastic waste by 76%

Reduce operating cost in salons by 27%

Stop Guessing. Stop Stressing.






The little blue pod that’s actually green.

One pod that’s built to save you time, money, and our planet.  Your days of messing around with heavy, wasteful disinfectant jugs are a thing of the past.  Drop into the future with CideKicks.

Reduce Waste

By replacing large jugs with these small pouches, you’ll help keep more waste out of our landfills.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Lightweight pods produce significantly lower CO2 emissions during shipping in comparison to liquid alternatives.

Health Canada Approved

CideKicks have been approved by Health Canada as bactericide/virucide for use as a disinfectant of salon and barbershop tools and instruments.

One small but mighty pod!

Saves on Space

CideKicks come in small, convenient pouches requiring minimal storage space.

No More Guessing!

Pre-portioned quantities ensure effective, safe disinfecting with the perfect ratio every time!

Quick & Easy!

Just drop, stir & go!

Cost Effective

Pods offer a cost effective alternative, giving you more bang for your buck!

Get Your Kicks


  • "I'm so glad to replace my huge plastic disinfectant jugs with my bag of cidekicks!"

    Jennifer P

  • "My salon staff has thanked me so many times because we have so much more storage room in our color bar!"

    Kim C

  • "Obsessed with these cidekicks! Why didn't I think of this, it just makes so much sense!"

    Lance K

  • I'll never use anything else!"

    Kelsie R

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